Nov 13, 2013

Elements Shifting Power from Antique Dealers

In October of 1991, the strongest storm in recorded history hit off the coast of Gloucester, Maine. Created by three storms combined into one, it was dubbed “the perfect storm,” and created almost apocalyptic conditions in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm was recounted in the book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger and the Warner Brothers film of the same name starring George Clooney.

Another perfect storm has been brewing for some time now in the antiques business. The results of the storm, though not apocalyptic, will manifest a shift in power from the antiques dealer to the consumer, which will re-define the way business is transacted. The days of the unchallenged expertise of the dealer are over. The three elements driving the storm of change are the proliferation of social networking, mobile Internet devices, and product/pricing transparency.

The First Storm: Online Social Networking

The human desire to connect with other people has driven online social networking to triple-digit growth. As of April 2010, Facebook had over 400 million users, and adds hundreds of thousands of new users daily. Four hundred million Facebook users is about 30 percent more than the population of the entire United States. Read More

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