Dec 27, 2013

Antique Dealers: Don’t Give Up on eMail Marketing

Just to watch her reaction, I asked my mail carrier to break the law.

“Jane” I said, “I’m going to put a trash can right here next to my mailbox. Would you mind just throwing the junk mail into the trash can and putting the important stuff into my mailbox?”

“I certainly will not!” she replied (she wasn’t being a very good sport about this). “It’s against the law for me to do that. I have to deliver your mail to an approved box! Besides, how do I know what mail is important to you and what isn’t? I can’t make decisions about your mail!”

Darn. I was really hoping I could get her to do that for me, like my email provider does. They decide for me what’s important and what isn’t. They search my mail for clues about its desirability: Clues like the mail’s origin, and whether it contains subject-line words like “Special Offer,” “Hello,” “Free,” “RE:,” “FW:,” text in ALL CAPS or exclamation points! They can even tell whether or not I’m opening mail from certain senders. Read More

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