Dec 28, 2013

Connect with Millennials to Bring a New Buzz to Your Biz

Last fall the antiques world was set a buzz by multiple sightings of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift shopping for antiques. For a brief moment, dealers held out hope that the young star’s interest in antiques would spawn a renaissance in antiques buying among her contemporaries.

We’re still waiting for that to happen.

Those darned Millennials. As a group (b. 1981-mid ’90s), they just don’t seem to have the same shopping standards that the rest of us do. The two older demographic cohorts, Boomers and Gen X, tend to value similar types of consumer goods (but for different reasons). Gen X grew up in the McMansions that their Boomer parents bought to house their accumulated possessions. For Gen X, there was always room to have friends over to enjoy the latest video games, movies, music and eating gourmet snacks while sitting on comfortable, stylish furniture. Gen X (as a group) still favors purchases that will help them socialize. When they buy, they buy with the group in mind (Factoring for X: An Empirical Study of Generation X’s Materialistic Attributes, Nora M. Martin University of South Carolina, Diane Prince Clayton State University). Read More

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