Dec 21, 2013

Don’t Let Sales Get Thrown Under the Bus

American popular culture loves a catchphrase. Always has. In the 1890s, businessmen were anxious to “get down to brass tacks,” and a well-heeled customer who was satisfied with his purchases was “as happy as a clam.” In the 1990s, if a customer discovered that a dealer’s claims were all smoke and mirrors, then the deal “went down the tubes,” and it was “hasta la vista, baby.”

Dealers thrown under the bus

The latest popular catchphrase — “thrown under the bus” — was originally used by sports writers. Referring to the team bus, an athlete was either in favor (on the bus) or out of favor (under the bus). The recent economic environment has made the phrase a favorite of politicians and financial writers. Washington Post writer David Segal called the expression “the cliché of the 2008 (Presidential) campaign.”

“Thrown under the bus” has come to mean the sacrifice of a person who doesn’t deserve to be sacrificed. For example, consider the way customers sometimes treat antiques dealers (or other retailers): Read More

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