Dec 10, 2013

eBay’s Fraud Protection Plan Boosts Your Sales

eBay fraud is in the news again. The headline reads: “Three eBay Fraud Rings Dismantled in Romania.” Romania must be a hotbed of Internet-scam artistry. Just a few years ago, a headline read: “Small Romanian Town Gets Rich Through eBay Scams.”

They must be fast learners in Romania. The first attempts at eBay fraud included selling a MiG fighter jet and a local Town Hall. I suppose the rings soon learned that there were only so many suckers for big-ticket inventory.

In the current scam, ads were posted on eBay and craigslist offering a variety of merchandise, ranging from cars to electronics. Internet users were defrauded of about $20 million. The busts were a coup for the Romanian National Police and the FBI, who made about 90 arrests in 117 raids on nine towns.

Now, forgive my obtuseness, but I can’t find anywhere in the article where it says that eBay scammed anybody. So, why does the headline declare “eBay Fraud”? The words “eBay” “eBay Fraud” and “eBay Scam” appear so often in the media that one would think that eBay is used only by con artists and the feeble minded. Read More

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