Dec 5, 2013

How to Get Google to Notice Your Product Descriptions

Earlier this year, Google revised its search-results ranking algorithm in a way that will help some online sellers and hurt others. Google constantly makes “corrective” adjustments to its algorithm, in an attempt to provide better search results for users and quash those webmasters who try to “game” the system in order to gain page position.

In Google’s sights this time were “content farms,” sites that publish low-quality or duplicate content that is intended to drive advertising revenue rather than provide valuable content to users.

An unintended consequence of the change was that many e-stores found their page ranks drop significantly. The largest drops were suffered by retailers who copied and pasted the product descriptions that were provided by their product manufacturers. Why? Because the re-used descriptions were duplicate content, and all duplicate content was downgraded by Google.

Online sellers whose page positions are lowered can suffer significant drops in revenue. Conversely, sellers whose positions substantially improve may see their cash flow turn into a cash flood. Read More

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