Dec 2, 2013

How to Set Traffic Flow in Antique Shops

By arranging your store’s fixtures in a fashion that directs traffic flow and keeps high-profit items in the most visible locations, you can keep customers in your store longer and increase sales.

Have you ever focused your attention on the way you walk? Do you stand straight with your shoulders back, or do you lean forward? Do you saunter or walk quickly? Have you noticed how the customers in your store walk? Most independent retailers give little thought to how their customers walk and move through their stores. These same retailers might be surprised to learn that there is a science dedicated to the study of how customers move within a retail store: it’s called “retail anthropology.”

Retail anthropology was developed by Paco Underhill, who runs a consulting company called Envirosell. Back in the 1970s, Paco began to videotape the way customers move within retail stores. His objective was to find ways to improve traffic flow and increase sales. Read More

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