Dec 19, 2013

Negotiate, Don't Haggle

“You saved $36 today!” exclaimed the clerk at JC Penny’s. “Gee, that’s great!” I replied. “I spent $31 and saved $36! What a deal!”

These days, corporate retailers love to tell me how much I saved while shopping at their store: They tell me when I buy groceries, and when I buy hardware. I was even reminded of how much I “saved” the last time I got my car serviced. Sometimes, they even print the savings amount on my receipt so that I’ll be reminded of what great folks they are when I reconcile my checkbook.

The crux of the matter for me is that I don’t really care how much I saved; I care how much I spent.

Who believes anymore that retail prices actually reflect what the seller expects to get for his merchandise? It’s been known for decades that the asking price for homes and automobiles is fiction. For the past five years, retailers in almost every category have been training us that their asking price is fiction as well. Read More

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