Dec 19, 2013

Online Celebrity Fundraising Auctions: Here's the One that Started ItAll

What does a guitar from Carlos Santana, a boxing glove from Mohammed Ali and an audience with the Pope have in common? They were all sold at a celebrity charity auction.

Celebrity auctions have become the prime generator of “big bucks” for charities of all types. Consider recent auction results: for $255,000, you could have spent the day with President Clinton to benefit the Clinton Global Initiative. For $497,000, you might have owned the 1956 Fender Stratocaster that Eric Clapton used to write his hit “Layla,” which he contributed to benefit the Crossroads Center, a substance abuse rehabilitation facility in Antigua. And, for a mere $75,000, you could learn to play your Strat in a private guitar lesson with Paul Simon, to benefit the Children’s Health Fund. The cost for an audience with the Pope? A mere $39,500, and you didn’t even have to be Catholic. His Holiness donated his time on behalf of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Read More

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