Dec 17, 2013

Online Video: Tap a Super Bowl Sized Audience for Pennies

Do you remember the 2011 Super Bowl ad about the antiques dealer? Neither do I. At nearly $3 million for a 30-second ad, you won’t see any small retailers advertising during the Super Bowl. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing an ad for an antiques store on television – ever.

The Super Bowl attracted about 111 million viewers last year. The $3-million-for-30-seconds price tag breaks down to less than 3 cents per viewer. Not bad for a cost-per-impression.

Now hold on to your seats: 111 million viewers a year is a drop in the bucket compared to how many viewers YouTube is pulling in every month. According to a recent study by comScore, 147 million viewers watched 14 billion videos on YouTube in the month of May 2011. Add in the other video hosting sites, and the total views for online video was almost 34 million last May. That’s like having a Super-Bowl-sized audience every day, and the Internet delivers that many viewers 24/7, all year. Even in prime time, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and all the television networks combined don’t reach that viewership level. Read More

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