Dec 22, 2013

Putting Together an Executor’s Estate Settlement Team is no Game

In odd moments, I occasionally daydream about creating a board game titled “Estate Settlement.” Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; it should be called a “bored game” instead. But let me assure you, settling an estate can have all the intrigue of “Masterpiece Theatre” and all the surprises and disappointments of “American Pickers.”

In my imaginary game, a player moves around the board by a roll of the dice, with the goal of getting an estate settled. When a player lands on a space, he draws a card from either the Character deck or the Event deck. The Character deck introduces “influencers” who can either help or hinder the player. It could include heroes, villains, comic sidekicks, grumpy bureaucrats, or others. The Event deck would present challenges or rewards that can introduce setbacks or successes, like finding a genuine Picasso in the attic or learning that an heir is challenging the will.

I’ve never followed through with this game idea for two reasons: One, I don’t think anyone would buy it and, two, I’ve spent plenty of time playing the game in real life, both professionally and personally. Read More

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