Dec 26, 2013

Smells Sell

Sometimes the antiques business stinks. Not the buying and selling part, but rather the smells that can accumulate in a store filled with used merchandise. Few things are more off-putting than to walk into a store and inhale the mildewy stew of odors that can be created by rooms full of used goods.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and noticed residual odors from cooking, tobacco, poor cleaning or general dampness? The homeowner living with those odors seems to be oblivious of them. Shopkeepers, too, become immune to the odors in their stores. The odors of an antique store seem to come with the territory, like the sweet smell of lacquer in a refinishing shop or the greasy oil and gasoline mix of an auto repair garage.

On one of my recent antiquing forays I discovered a Goodwill Industries store and stopped in to have a look around. Had I walked into the store blindfolded, I would have known that I was in a Goodwill store. I have never been in a GW store that didn’t smell stale and musty. Read More

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