Dec 7, 2013

What Antique Dealers Can Learn from Junk Mail – Part 2

In the last edition of Behind the Gavel, we discussed the criteria for developing a good display ad. This week, let’s apply the guidelines to our sample ad and see what we can come up with.

The most important part of a display ad is the headline. Headlines, whether online or in print, are written to grab the attention of “scanners.” Consumers read headlines first, then sub-headings. If the headline piques the readers’ interest, they will read your sub-heading. So, your headline must be strong enough to attract attention away from all the competing ads on the page.

The sub-heading is the second most important part of your ad. In fishing terms, the sub-heading is where you “set the hook” – if you don’t, the rest of your ad won’t be read. So, let’s first focus on how to write a good headline and sub-heading.

What will grab your reader’s attention? Read More

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