Jan 4, 2014

3 Ways Google Insights for Search Will Improve Your Business

Everyone wants to know what’s hot, what’s selling and what’s not. Fashion, entertainment, shopping, news and technology all have their daily “trending now” web updates.

Every day, someone, somewhere, publishes another “Top 10” list, but when it comes to providing actionable information for running your business, most are about as useful as David Letterman’s laugh-filled Top 10.

“What’s Hot” lists are not uncommon in the antiques trade, but since there is no standardized reporting format (like there is in larger industries), it’s difficult to interpret the list results in terms of an individual dealer’s local market. To be effective, a “What’s Hot” list would have to be assembled for each market. If you knew that consumers were looking for an item that you regularly inventoried, you could almost certainly get a return on some quick advertising or start carrying items people really want.

Fortunately, dealers can assemble an effective “hot list” using tools freely available on the Internet — the same tools used by web publishers to assemble their “trending now” lists. There is one tool that is particularly useful, and if you learn how to use it, you will be pleased and surprised by the insights it can give you into your market: Google Insights for Search. Read More

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