Jan 22, 2014

Adding Profit Centers Levels Out the Revenue Ups and Downs

When I graduated from high school back in the Neolithic Age, my uncles pressed me as to what my future plans were. Being a bit of a teenage scamp, I replied that I intended to be an unemployed ski instructor in the summer and an unemployed lifeguard in the winter. That plan didn’t work out too well, but my concept of seasonally balancing my income turned out to be one of my better ideas (though I can’t lay claim to its originality).

Throughout high school and college, I spent my summers working for swimming pool management companies as a lifeguard. I couldn’t work for these companies in the winter, because they only operated in the late spring and summer. Come September, they closed up their pools and the owners went south for the winter. Other companies seemed to be stuck in seasonal ruts as well: ice cream shops, coffee shops, music stores, lawn care, snow removal, tax preparers, moving companies, and others. The list is endless. Read More

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