Jan 18, 2014

Building your own ‘Robo Picker’

The show promoter’s message to dealers was quite clear: “WARNING !!!! DO NOT EMBARRASS YOURSELF BY TRYING TO SNEAK IN PICKERS TO BUY DURING SETUP. BUYING, HOLDING, AND SELLING IS NOT PERMITTED BEFORE 7:00 A.M. ON FRIDAY. YOUR COOPERATION IS EXPECTED. Violators will forfeit their space(s) and will be asked to leave the show.” (sic: http://www.rileyhorne.com/rentalspaces.asp)

Seems the promoter knows us antiques dealers pretty well. On the whole, we spend more time scouting for inventory than we do selling it. Unlike sellers of new consumer goods, we don’t have the luxury of picking up a catalog and ordering another dozen thingamajigs or two gross whatchamacallits. For the most part, we buy our inventory items one at a time.

Consequently, we spend a lot of time at auctions, estate sales, yard sales, scouring the Internet and networking with other dealers and pickers. From time to time, we are tempted to “jump the gate” at shows to beat the public to the best deals. Read More

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