Jan 21, 2014

Clearing Inventory with Unique Solutions

For an antiques dealer, there are several circumstances that have the same physical impact as being gut-punched: a levy notice from the IRS, your partner running off with all your money and the fire marshal telling you, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to shut you down.”

Linda Balentine heard those jarring words from a Roanoke, Va., fire marshall just three days before a scheduled auction. Her consignments had been arranged, her advertising was done and paid for and her room was set up and ready to go. Cancelling the auction would be problematic — and expensive — for everyone involved.

The visit from the fire marshal was just another blow in the harassment of Linda by a local auctioneer who was not pleased with the success that she had been having with her auctions. The visit was also the first step in a new direction for Linda’s business — a direction that would result in a unique business model and even greater success. And, Linda’s solution offers a roadmap for antique and consignment dealers who struggle with excess inventory and sluggish sales. Read More

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