Jan 14, 2014

Four Ways to Dispose of Dead Antiques Inventory

In my last column, we developed a definition of dead inventory. I promised you then that this time we would discuss how to get rid of dead inventory in a manner that didn’t involve giving it away to the local thrift shop or carrying it to a flea market. So, here are four easy ways to dispose of dead inventory. These methods will move merchandise and leave you with some cash, if not profits.

Join a Barter Exchange

Here’s how a barter exchange works: You list the inventory you want to move with a barter exchange. When an item sells, you don’t get cash; you get electronic “credits” with the exchange you can use to purchase items that are listed for sale in the exchange marketplace.

Buyers in a barter exchange are always looking for ways to spend their credits, and your antiques and collectibles will provide them with a good value. For years, I moved my slow merchandise through a barter exchange in the Washington, D.C., area. In return, I bought items that I needed to run my business that I would have paid cash for elsewhere: office supplies, printing and payroll services. Read More

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