Jan 26, 2014

Good or Bad, Online Reviews Influence Your Customers

Whenever I travel, my first order of business (after checking into a hotel) is to browse through the yellow pages. I can tell a lot about a town’s economy by looking through their phone book: What types of businesses are around, how many of each type and where the business center is. Multiple luxury car dealerships, fancy restaurants and high-end retailers tell quite a different story about a town than a single Ford dealership, fast food restaurants, a convenience store and a Dollar Store.

Regardless of the size of the town, when time allows I visit a few antique shops. Stores filled with the latest consumer goods don’t interest me. Such shops all carry the same merchandise and exist on the basis of price and convenience. Antique shops, on the other hand, are unique and reflect the personality of the owner(s). Even small rural villages seem to have at least one antique shop, and I am rarely disappointed by them.

In a city with multiple antique shops, I plan my shopping by Googling “antiques” and the name of the city, and then I read the customer reviews for each shop to determine which ones I’ll go to. Read More

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