Jan 3, 2014

Reach More Customers with Mobile Marketing

What three things do you always take with you when you leave your house? Almost universally, the answer is your keys, your wallet and your phone. For decades, urban dwellers left home with just their keys and their wallets. At some point, cell phones became so important that they couldn’t leave home without them, either.

A few years ago, high-tech guru George Forrester said, “If you look at the history of technology, there is a threshold where one day, you had to have something. You had to have a fax machine. Remember that day? It was 1981 or something. You had to have a fax machine on that day. The day before, you didn’t need it.” (download Forrester’s PDF for more details).

When did you decide that you absolutely had to have a cell phone? I grudgingly got mine when a big client insisted that I be available by phone while I was on the road. That was about 1998. Within weeks, I was hooked. I never left home without it.

The rate at which new technologies are being adopted by our society as a whole is phenomenal. Read More

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