Jan 8, 2014

Sell More with Better Product Descriptions

In our information-heavy, digitally-driven world of antiques, dealers have learned to choose their words wisely. No one wants to risk bad feedback from an online buyer or a lawsuit from a disgruntled auction bidder because they have mislabeled an item. We know the difference between “antique,” “vintage,” collectible” and “retro.” Or do we? And if you have answered that question with an enthusiastic “I certainly do know the difference!” then listen up; this article is for you. You may not know as much as you think you do. In fact, clinging to outdated words and definitions may be hurting your business.

Consider this: “Antique” is now an offensive verb, as in “I totally antiqued that guy!” (This may be peripherally related to the tacky furniture painting technique called “antiquing,” but I digress.) In the modern usage defined by urbandictionary.com, the verb “antique” means to toss flour, sugar or another type of powder in someone’s face — usually while the target is sleeping — to make it appear that a great deal of time has passed. Read More

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