Jan 9, 2014

Top Antiques Apps for Your iPad or Android Tablet

Pricing antiques? There’s an app for that but an overall lack of apps leaves room for innovation

We live in an age of specialists. In almost every profession, the amount of information available is too overwhelming to be mastered by one individual. Doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and personal property appraisers – individuals in too many professions to count – are specialists, not generalists. The day of the generalist is over.

Even technology is trending toward specialization. Soon to be gone are big, multi-function software programs. It used to be that big, multi-function programs offered a great value. For a modest price, you could buy the Swiss Army Knife of software that included a word processor, database, spreadsheet, customer relationship management and more. But with each new version of the software came new features, and soon such software became a victim of its own size. Eventually, every big program reaches a point where there are so many features offered that access to them becomes difficult and makes the whole product impractical for the average user. How big would a Swiss Army Knife have to be before it became unusable? If the knife had 50 tools, how many would you actually use? Read More

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