Jan 13, 2014

Why Dead Inventory Can Kill Your Antiques Business

Not too long ago in an online antiques forum, a dealer posed this question to other dealers: “What do you consider dead inventory and what do you do with it?” It was a lively discussion, with 69 comments in the thread.

The forums definitions of dead inventory included:

Stuff nobody wants
Anything over 10 months old
Anything over a year old
Inventory that remains unsold way too long

Responses to “What do you do with it” included attempts to sell the inventory at:

Flea markets
Live auctions
Yard sales
Consignment shops
Parking lot/sidewalk sales

Some dealers had no plan at all for dealing with dead inventory. One dealer admitted that she had reached a “tipping point” where half her inventory consisted of dead items. When most of one’s inventory is unsalable, profits plummet and customers begin to shop elsewhere. Unless a quick remedy is found, such shops face inevitable bankruptcy.

All retailers, regardless of their line of business, face dead inventory issues. The good news is that dead inventory can be dealt with effectively once one has discovered firm and fast answers to the original questions: What is dead inventory and what to you do with it? Read More

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