Feb 19, 2014

Rarity Is Key In Vintage Board Game Value

Growing up in the 1950s, board games were a regular part of my family life. Back then we only had three TV stations and AM radio—that was the BC era: “Before Cable.”

Whenever the weather got stormy, TV reception would suffer. No matter how much Dad fiddled with the rabbit-ears antenna, we would get more snow than show. No TV; too rainy to go outside. A sibling would say to Mom “I’m bored”! She would reply, “So, play a bored game.”

At that point, some portion of the seven of us would gather around the dining-room table to play a board game. Every Christmas, one or more of my siblings received a board game as a gift. Over time, our family accumulated a cupboard full of them.

Given the abundance of board games found at estate sales, it seems that my family wasn’t the only one with a cupboard of games. Estate shoppers almost always find a tableful of board games at sales. Most of the games will sell for a dollar or two, but if the game is complete and in good condition, it may fetch $5 or $10.

Vintage board games sell regularly on eBay for $10 to $20. But, as with most collectibles, some rare games may fetch hundreds of dollars or more.

Which board games are collectible? Any game that is in excellent condition is collectible, but not necessarily valuable. Excellent condition means that the box is intact and has no split edges and the graphics are not faded. All the pieces must be in the box; no missing dice, tokens, spinner or any other item that is needed to play the game. Read More...

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