Sep 15, 2014

Global Selling: Let the Pros Do the Heavy Lifting

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about overseas selling, and perhaps importing items for domestic resale. I began to research the concept by interviewing a half-dozen acquaintances who have or are still buying and selling across international borders. Next, I read “Import 101” by Paul Lidberg []. My first impression was that import/export is not for the faint of heart, and perhaps I’d better stick to domestic selling. Although some of my friends are quite adept and successful at import/export, all had “horror stories” about problem buyers, payments not received or shipments confiscated by customs for some paperwork deficiency.
Making international sales can be accomplished quite easily selling through eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces. Making sales, however, is not the same thing as getting them delivered and paid for. Once a sale is made, someone has to fill out the customs forms. Packages could be checked at each border, at the whim of the local customs agents. Shipping to foreign countries may involve several different postal systems, all with differing size, weight and labelling requirements. Some countries don’t offer package tracking, and buyers sometimes claim that they never received their packages. Without tracking proof, who can argue with them? Some eBay sellers have regularly lost money and suffered bad feedback regarding “missing packages.” One of my eBay-seller friends swears that he was providing golf shirts for free to foreign customs agents and their families. Read More>>>

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