Sep 17, 2014

Why Wal-Mart Is Good For Your Antiques Business

One of my favorite quotes (erroneously attributed to Mark Twain) is “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”
Statistics are a business writer’s favorite device. I use them often to support my conclusions. Statistics help me make connections between what seem to be unrelated issues and draw parallels to the antiques trade.
It’s too easy to lie (deliberately or inadvertently) with statistics. It’s important to WalMartunderstand the studies that produced a set of statistics: Who did the study (and who paid for it); who the participants were; how the study was conducted; and what was being measured and compared. Statistics taken out of context (darned lies) can be used to prove almost anything, and if used often enough, can sway the opinions of a large portion of the population.
Take the Wal-Mart controversy, for example. Wal-Mart often finds itself on lists of “America’s Top 10 Most Hated Companies.” News of a Wal-Mart coming to town will cause most small business owners to tremble in their boots. But if you’re an antique dealer, one of the best things that can happen to your business is to have a Wal-Mart move into your zip code. Read More>>>

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