Jun 25, 2015

Rousing Customers’ Senses Leads to Closing Sales

All the marketing you’ve ever done to promote your business is completely wrong and has been a gross waste of money. At least that’s what Dr. Neal Martin would have us believe in his book “Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Would Have Us Ignore.” I’m not convinced by Dr. Martin’s book. Effective marketing has a natural flow, and “Habit” would have us attempt to short-circuit that flow. Dr. Martin’s argument – that customers act out of habit rather than conscious design – is based on research by cognitive scientists who contend that up to 95 percent of our behavior is controlled by the unconscious part of the brain. Retail businesses should, according to a press release [http://www.nealemartin.com/press_releases.cfm] regarding Martin’s book: - >>>Read More

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