Sep 23, 2015

In-Store Spending on the Rise (Again)

It seems that eCommerce and Big Retail have finally learned what we antique dealers have known all along: Customers prefer to handle and inspect an item before they buy it.

For years, retail analysts have touted online selling as being the future of retailing. And in the board rooms of The Big Guys, decisions were made on the basis of that research. If research produced credible numbers, you see, then highly paid execs could point to the research as the basis for their decision-making. Boards of directors would then be happy and the execs could keep their jobs. “Show me the money!” say the directors. “Here it is!” say the execs, pointing to the research.

A recent report by TimeTrade Systems Inc., titled “The State of Retail 2015,” just brought all those boardrooms back to reality, though (or it should have). The report begins:
“TimeTrade recently conducted a survey of 1,029 consumers, which asked in-depth questions regarding their perceptions and behaviors around retail shopping. What the survey reveals is that>>>Read More

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